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In a thread on the V8 Bulletin Board, Chris Bound mentioned he had found from a quick search on the internet a company providing Webasto services called R&S Coachbuilts in Lewes, Sussex. On following up the link Chris provided we found a note stating the well known Webasto sunroof installations service provider "R&S Coachbuilts" has ceased trading and that "The Trimming Centre" in Lewes in Sussex is now the sole distributor of Tudor Webasto coachbuilt sunroofs worldwide.

Tudor Webasto sunroof fitting manual
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Posted: 190822

R&S Coachbuilts have ceased trading
. The website says "we are pleased to announce that The Trimming Centre is now the sole distributor of Tudor Webasto coachbuilt sunroofs worldwide.
We are based in Lewes, East Sussex and have been fitting the Tudor Webasto since 1969." Website

The Trimming Centre website says they have "been established in Sussex for over 55 years and is a family-owned and run business. We have built up an enviable reputation throughout Southern England and are renowned for superior quality and customer service. We are trained in the design and manufacturing of bespoke hoods, headlinings, vinyl roofs, glass and fabric sunroofs, Tudor Webasto Coachbuilt sunroofs and upholstery and also specialise in leather work and campervan interiors. The Trimming Centre supplies and fits OE (original equipment) style car leather interiors, tailor bespoke seats and interiors for the new and classic car markets." Website

Tudor Webasto sunroofs
The Trimming Centre website says "The Trimming Centre are pioneers in the fitting of the Webasto sunroof, a trade which has been handed down through generations over last 55 years. At the start of Tudor Webasto establishing the business in the UK, George Camp, after hours in a workshop in Clapham with a small team of craftsmen, lead the way in fitting the sunroof. George and his team developed their techniques of roof installations over the years and were recognised as the main suppliers and fitters of the Tudor Webasto coachbuilt sunroof in the country. In 1969 George and his son Steve Camp started the Brighton franchise C&D Autos. At the height of the industry they were fitting approximately fifty Webasto sunroofs a week. George has now sadly passed away but Steve his son carries on the traditions at The Trimming Centre in Lewes.

As well as the Tudor Webasto coachbuilt sunroof we fit we also fit the Webasto Hollandia sunroofs from Glass pop ups to original equipment type roofs."

They add that "we also offer a repair service for the Britax Weathersheild sunroof."