Classics face threat from noise sensors

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Posted: 190624
The lead article in the latest issue of Classic Car Weekly reports "the DfT has said that it will not subject historic vehicles to the same noise criteria as modern cars when it begins seven months of trials with so-called "noise cameras". The new "cameras" are aimed at reducing anti-social noise pollution and the new equipment could fine motorists driving illegally loud cars.

A TVR Car Club spokesman has said "it would be a travesty if any new system couldn't differentiate between these things and the throaty rumble of a classic sports car." The FBHVC has asked the DfT for more information and greater clarity of the pilot scheme. CCW adds "classic car clubs are worried that their vehicles, built before quieter noise regulations were introduced, could fall foul of the proposed rules even in standard specification." A DfT statement said they "recognise that older vehicles introduced before the introduction of noise limits will need to be taken into account."

CCW editor, David Simister, notes "the DfT is playing a tricky game here. It's doing the right thing by going after the folk who keep us up at night with noise that isn't even legal, but I dread the day when law-abiding classic car owners are vilified too. I can't see how these cameras will work but, if DfT insists on going down this path it's vital that the detail is sorted out so that either older vehicles aren't sent automatically issued fines and that there is a clear appeals process."
Comment: fortunately a characteristic of Factory spec MGV8s is their understated power and exhaust noise so hopefully they would not be caught by any "noise cameras" but other classics, even in Factory spec, are noisier under acceleration so you can understand their concerns.