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News of some interesting replacement parts available from Clive Wheatley at MGV8parts near Bridgnorth. He uses his contacts and knowledge to resource parts from specialist manufacturers in the West Midlands and elsewhere in the UK to help ensure the availability of good quality replacement parts to help fellow MGV8 enthusiasts maintain their MGV8s.
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RV8 Complete Clutch Kit complete
New V8 complete Clutch Kit for the RV8 With a new Heavy Duty Steel Carrier and Bearing. Clive Wheatley says "we now have the RV8 clutches available with the new improved steel carrier with bearing which replaces the plastic carrier that had given some problems.
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RV8 Clutch Slave Cylinder
It is being remade by the original manufacturer. Outright RV8 servo sale or exchange servo unit.
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MGV8parts are also looking into getting the RV8 Brake Servo re-manufactured also by the original Company.
Replacement RV8 leather seat covers
In soft Stone Beige Connolly leather. Clive Wheatley says "I am also in discussion, regarding new leather seat coverings for the RV8. We will notify you with the cost soon."

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RV8 Locking Wheel Centre Cap
Security device for locking the centre cap covering wheel nuts.
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All-alloy Dunlop composite lookalike replacement wheels for the MGBGTV8
Clive says "the new all alloy wheels for MGBGTV8 are selling well, with lots of positive feedback. We have sent a set out to Australia and another set to the USA in the last month". The all alloy 15in replacement wheel has polished rims that can be replaced if they are ever damaged. They are produced with the distinctive faceted feature of the wheel centre of the original Dunlop composite wheel to make a wheel which looks so close to the original yet is a strong wheel too. These wheels are made by a specialist in the West Midlands with over 24 years’ experience of manufacturing alloy wheels including high performance wheels for motor racing customer. More
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Website upgrade coming soon at MGV8parts
Clive Wheatley says "it's our our plan to go live in the Autumn with a website upgrade where customers will then be able to order online directly. It's the way forward and I'm feeling positive for the future of the availability of RV8 and MGBGTV8 replacement parts".
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