Special offer for members who have contributed workshop notes

For members who have contributed workshop notes that have been added to the V8NOTES and/or RV8NOTES series, we have a special discount for a current set of workshop notes - details below.

This offer is available until 31st August 2019.

Members eligible for the discount who would like to order a current set of workshop notes should contact the
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Contributing useful information and sharing your MGV8 experiences
One of the key features of the V8 Register over more than 40 years since its launch in October 1978 has been the enthusiasm with which many members have contributed notes and articles on their experiences with maintaining their MGV8 and locating replacement parts. Those contributions have been regularly added to two successful series of workshop notes for the MGBGTV8 and the RV8. In aggregate the total number of those workshop notes passed the significant milestone of 1,000 on 20th November 2018. By the following day three more new notes contributed by Andy Goves, David Beatty and David Worthington were released and added to the series. Those three notes were released via a NEWS item on the V8 Website.

The two workshop notes series are a wonderful store of information and advice which is a valuable resource for fellow members. Initially the volumes of these notes were published as printed books but as the number of volumes grew the printing and P&P burden became a serious workload. That coincided with the arrival of distribution of information in digital form and from around 2002, when we launched the V8 Website, we changed over to distributing sets of the workshop notes on CDs and then later to the very convenient Twister memory stick which we use now.

Why not contribute a workshop note sharing a tip or a workaround you have found with your ownership of an MGV8?
You can download a template for contributing a workshop note here. Template in Word format