Early RV8 sold to an RV8 enthusiast

Marion Quarrington, an RV8 enthusiast and regular marshal at motor racing and competition events, has recently bought an early RV8 in Oxford Blue that has been restored by Brown & Gammons. She part exchanged her present RV8 (Woodcote Green 2150) which is now with Brown and Gammons for sale. Marion and Ian have enjoyed that RV8 a great deal for many years.

RV8 advertised for sale by Brown & Gammons

See the advertisement in Classic Car Weekly on Wednesday 5th June 2019 (alongside).
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Marion Quarrington says "RV8 Oxford Blue 0024 was built on 2nd April 1993 and was registered as K70 MGR on 14th May 1993 and sold to Rover Group Company Sales, Canley, Coventry where it was a press car and dealer demonstration car. The car then passed through three female and two male owners before Brown & Gammons bought it as a car in need of restoration. It has been through their workshop and is now in "almost as new condition" and with only 43,000 miles showing. The previous owner obtained records from DVLA of all its former owners, so I have a very full history on the car".

Marion adds "there is some debate about the phrase "press car" and K70 MGR would appear to be one of a number of cars sold and registered to Rover Group to be used by dealers. This car was in London for nearly 12 months as a demonstrator before being sold to a lady with a Sloane Square address in London. I even have the selling price at that time, some £5,000 less than the cars were originally on sale for at £26,000. The dealer in question was Park Lane Garages, I wonder if they are still in business?"

Marion says "I had always tried to use 2150 on my marshalling duties wherever they are in the country and I see no reason why I should not use 00024 in the same way. I started my marshalling with the MG Car Club and now also enjoy working with HSCC and VSCC among others, and have been marshalling at the British Grand Prix and the Silverstone Classic for a number of years. There are a huge number of lady volunteers in the Club doing a variety of work including marshalling and long may that continue."