V8 AGM at the Club's meeting at Donington Park on Sunday 21st July 2019

Posted: 190608
Traditionally the V8 Register has held its AGM at the Club's annual meeting at Silverstone so as many members could attend the AGm in addition to their enjoying the Club's major event. But this year, as members will know, the MGLive! 2019 event has had to be cancelled because the Circuit managers have track resurfacing works being carried out over a period which includes the weekend of 15th & 16th June when the MGLive! 2019 event was due to be held. So the V8 AGM has been moved to the Club's race meeting at Donington Park on Sunday 21st July 2019 at noon.

Alongside is a scan of the formal notice of the V8 AGM 2019 posted on page 8 of the July 2019 issue of Safety Fast!

Note: if you wish to attend the V8 AGM but do not want to attend the Club's race meeting at Donington, there is an arrangement whereby access to the circuit on Sunday at 11.30am for only the duration of the V8 AGM can be provided. Contact Nic Houslip