Remedial work seen on Dunlop composites

Whilst I was at the Barons auction at Sandown Park near Esher on Tuesday this week I inspected an MGBGTV8 which was there for sale by auction that afternoon. During my inspection I found the original Factory fitted Dunlop composites had been given an interesting "spruce up" and would be interested to hear from any fellow members who have seen examples of similar remedial work.

Posted: 190605
From my inspection it appears any corrosion on the steel rims, which forms near the join between the chromed steel rim and the alloy centre, had been removed and then the metal painted with a narrow strip of silver paint. Unless you make a very close inspection, spotting that tyype of remedial work would be easily missed. The removal of corrosion on the chromed steel rim appears to have left a slight drop in the surface on the chrome rim as you run your finger over it, so presumably the removal of corrosion on the rim has resulted in the thickness of the steel rim being reduced slightly near the join with the alloy centre. Photo

Have any fellow members seen this type of maintenance with Dunlop composites? Contact the V8 Webmaster