Has anyone seen this MGBGTV8?

Former MGBGTV8 owner, Richard Hodgson, asks "
if anyone knows who owns the car alongside now could they get in touch so some of the items I have can be reunited with the current owner?" It still has the registration JOJ 720N and is likely to be in long term lay-up somewhere in the UK with the identity GD2D1 841G on the small plate fixed to the offside inner wing adjacent to the oil filter.

If you do know anything of this MGBGTV8 please contact Richard Hodgson on 07889 300093 or by email

Photo alongside: note this is a library photo.

Posted: 190316
Former MGBGTV8 owner, Richard Hodgson, has been in touch wanting to make contact with the present owner of a V8 he used to own. Richard says " when clearing out recently I have found the original drivers handbook and folder from Maybury Garage who supplied the car plus a workshop manual, V8 Supplement, parts catalogue etc. and wondered if you know who owns the car now so they could be reunited with the current owner?"

Aconite 0841 - "I used to own it in the late 1970s and early 1980s when it was originally registered as GSF 700N, then I had RNH 16 on it and then it ended up with JOJ 720N when I sold it". The V8 Registrar responded there is no registration from you or any other member for this V8 on the V8 Database and a check with the Factory production records show it was the "Scottish Motor Show Car 1974" and a preproduction car too. A search of the DVLA records show the car is "untaxed from 1st September 1995 with no MOT" so presumably in long term lay-up somewhere but not scrapped. Does anyone know of this V8?
Richard adds "I didn't have this Factory MGBGTV8 from new, I think I was the 3rd or 4th owner, and I bought it from Tom Grey who was involved in what was then the Scottish Centre. He had only had it for a few months. I was aware it was the Scottish Motorshow car as it had a plate under the bonnet that read "Scot show" or similar. Back in the 1980s I was in the Scottish Centre and in those days we used to have a crowd of us go up from Preston to Edinburgh (including 3 V8s) to take part in their Northern Autotest with the latter tests being in the dark. Bitterly cold but great fun.

MGBGTV8 with the VRN "CEA 456N" - Richard mentions another V8 he had owned saying "this V8 was finished in Bracken and should have been on the V8 Register's database when I was a member. I bought it from Bambers of Brock (North of Preston) with the registration CEA 456N being the original number and as far as I recall it had the same number after I took my personal registration number off (RNH 16") but I can't find anything paperwork with the chassis or engine numbers. I sold the V8 to someone in the Manchester area when I swapped it for a TVR".