Government to consult on a ban on 10 year old tyres

News report of a tragic accident on a motorway involving a tyre burst of a tyre reported to have been over 18 years old. See our NEWS item released yesterday. 190301 More

Chris Hunt Cooke notes "the Government have commissioned research on ageing tyres and road safety which has not yet been reported, but perhaps having advance notice of the news, they have jumped the gun and announced a consultation a couple of days ago". He provided the link to the GOV.UK news item alongside.

Posted: 190302

Following our NEWS item yesterday on a tragic accident on the M5 involving a burst tyre which is reported to have been over 18 years old, we have heard the Government is to consult on options to ban 10 year old tyres to boost road safety. The Avon Coroner's Court heard there was no legislation requiring a tyre to be replaced at a certain age and its poor condition would not have been obvious.

The announcement on the GOV.UK website says "the Government will consult on options to ban older tyres from use on buses, coaches, heavy goods vehicles and mini-buses to help keep road users safe.
The Department for Transport has today (Tuesday 26th February 2019) announced that it will consult on legislation to make it illegal for these vehicles to run with a tyre aged 10 years or over. This follows a research project, launched by the Government last year, to look at whether the age of a tyre has a direct impact on its safety".

At this stage the options seem to cover heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) and public service vehicles (PSVs). In November 2018, the DVSA guidance on maintaining roadworthiness was updated to say that tyres of 10 years of age or older should not be used on the front axles of heavy goods vehicles as well as buses and coaches. Hopefully this recognition of tyre age safety concerns and prudent guidance will extend to other categories of vehicles in the UK.