Low mileage MGBGTV8 in Teal Blue comes with an additional engine and gearbox

See the advert and linked PDF document with a set of photos. Advert & Photos

Posted: 190227
Low mileage 1974 Factory chrome bumper MGBGTV8 in Teal Blue and in exceptional Condition 1 with a sunshine roof, stainless steel exhaust and original Dunlop composite V8 wheels is for sale and at an attractive price of £22,000.

This car had new engine fitted in 2008 with a five speed gearbox, however the car is being sold with the original engine (matching engine number 48601684A) and the original gearbox. The set of Dunlop composites are in very good condition. The combination of the original engine, gearbox and a good Dunlop composites makes this a particularly attractive offer and well worth viewing. See the advert and linked set of photos. More & Photos