Large stock of spares on offer
David Knowles has spotted "an opportunity in the Cheltenham area for someone with a large van and an appetite for old MG V8 bits?"

One of the photos reveals what look like Dunlop composites.

Posted: 190224
SPA MG near Cheltenham has a large amount of secondhand and new panels, mechanical parts, trim, wheels, etc. predominantly for MGB but also MGA, MGC and V8. Anthony Tew syas "probably in excess of £20,000 in value. Starting price is £9,995 which should give anybody with a nose for a bargain ample scope to make some significant profits out of this lot. Buyer to remove asap, you will need a large van and a trailer. If you require further details, wish to view, buy anything separately or whatever phone Anthony Tew on 07970 704562 or email .

We don't usually promote adverts like this on the V8 Website but this stock of secondhand and new parts is an exceptional case. It would be a pity to see them go to someone intending to make a quick profit.

Bidding ends 27th February 2019. ebay advert