RV8 enjoyed in North Carolina

Terry and Mary-Ellen McClain

Posted: 190215

RV8 sold to a US buyer - V8 Column, Oct 2018. More
Stuart Mumby sold his RV8 (Nightfire Red 0417) in 2018 to Terry and Mary-Ellen McClain of North Carolina. Stuart reports "Terry is absolutely delighted with the car and since it arrived in the USA last Autumn he has sourced and purchased a Krafthaus hard top in the correct Nightfire Red. The RV8 adds to Terry's small collection of MGs, which includes a modern TF, imported from Mexico and an MGBGTV8".

Market review in November 2018 noted there were signs US demand from the US was emerging
Rge review commented "
One feature seen in recent months is an increased interest in the RV8 from buyers in the USA as the model reaches 25 years old enabling RV8 reimports to be made to the US. Several US purchases have been seen in the last six months so it will be interesting to see if that trend continues or even develops into a significant factor in the market in 2019".
Pricewatch market review