What was seen at the Stoneleigh show?

Nic Houslip was at the MG-Triumph Show at Stoneleigh on Sunday 10th February 2019 and has a report on a handy front suspension greasing modification which can save running the car up on a ramp and using the grease gun directly on the nipples on the king pins.

Nic also mentioned "Chase MG in Burntwood Staffs had a pair of used, but apparently good condition, MGBGTV8 cast iron exhaust manifolds on their stand for £495. They also had a "Pair of Trousers" and main inlet manifold, carburettors and airbox, but no crab claws, as the man on the stand said they sold immediately for a very large sum".

Posted: 190211
Nic Houslip reports on a "device I saw at the show yesterday called Grease Monkey by Kevin of P1, Performance Hardware. Simply it is a kit of parts enabling the grease nipples on the kingpin assembly to be relocated, via small flexible tubes to a convenient mounting point with easy access for the grease gun. I took a pair of photos with my mobile phone which show the general arrangement. The product is just released at the show and isn’t completely developed as far as the MGB fitment is made. I do think that these would be a very useful addition on any MGB or derivative. I will contact Kevin and see what more information I can find".