When did the flares, blisters, spats or "eyebrows" cease to be fitted to the front wheel arches of Japanese specification RV8s?
For some time now Jim Dolbel in Australia, who runs a specialist website at www.mgrv8.com dedicated to the MG RV8, has been trying to establish the exact change point when the front wheel arch flares (sometimes referred to as blisters, spats, extensions or "eyebrows") ceased to be fitted to Japanese specification RV8s. So we are trying to help him identify the VIN when the change was made. Initial research by the V8 Registrar suggests that as with most things MG, the change point is not likely to be a precise point in the VIN sequence because the RV8s were not sent down the production line in a precise VIN order. Let us know if your
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Gavin Brown reports "Just reviving a very old topic in trying to narrow down when the wheel arch flares were dropped from the RV8 production. I have found car 1244 still in Japan which has the flares fitted." The webpage monitoring the flares has been updated and the point when the change was made is narrowing.

It looks as if the change point is not a distinct point in the VIN listing but it does seem to be in the range between VIN 1224 and 1250. If any members with RV8s with VIN 1231, 1233, 1234, 1235, 1237, 1239, 124, 1245, 1246,1248 and 1249 could let us know if their car has flares that would help progress the analysis. Reports to