Anniversary photo collection for 2023

Members' photos of all MGV8 models will be welcome for this MGV8 photo collection which will run until 2023 with the anniversaries celebrated during that year. Each month members can indicate the photo of the month they liked and in 2023 we will run a survey to find the photo which was most members' choice of the best photo in the collection. Send in your photo now. Email

Alongside are the next four photos (5 to 8) following the launch of the series with the first four photos (1 to 4) - each four photos will be popped into an A4L PDF document which will be released on weekly basis.
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Posted: 210126

Caution: please ensure that the photograph you send is your own or sent on behalf of another member. In contributing to to this 50V8 Anniversary photo collection you agree to grant the V8 Register a royalty-free, non-exclusive licence to publish and otherwise use the material in any way. However, you will still own the copyright to everything you contribute to this collection. At no time should you endanger yourself or others, take any unnecessary risks or infringe the law in obtaining photos.
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MGBGTV8 of Richard Watton on the North Coast 500 at John O'Groats. 210403

MGBGTV8 (Teal Blue 0528) and RV8 (Nightfire Red 0806) of Michael Lynch. 210404

MGBGTV8 (Harvest Gold 0255) at a disused petrol station just off A5 near Milton Keynes. (Steve Bowley) 210127

RV8 (Flame Red 0267) an early production UK spec car and one of only 16 in this colour. (David Franklin) 210129

MGBGTV8 (Aconite 1157) ready for a drive in the Peak District. (Peter Spurrs) 210127

MGBGT RV8 built in the 1990s with a new Heritage MGBGT rubber bumper bodyshell with RV8 engine, gearbox, running gear and interior. (Tim Volker) 210129

MGV8s at Dundonnell at sunset on Little Loch Broom during the V8 Add-On Tour, a sequel to Caledonian Centres' successful EEOY in 2013. (Mario Kloostra)

RV8s gather in Yorkshire at "a very successful show at Lotherton Hall near Leeds in June organised by City of Leeds MG & Classic Car Club". (Stuart Mumby)

MGBGTV8 (Teal Blue 0534) outside Gate 3 two days after the MG Plant in Abingdon closed on 24th October 1980 (John Dupont)

RV8 (Caribbean Blue 0028) was ADD501 and originally a dealer demonstration car, outside the Bush Blackbird & Thrush in East Peckham, Kent. (Ken Birkby)
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