Replacing dashboard instrument bulbs with LEDs
Richard Withington posted a query on the V8BB seeking help in how to get at the dashboard instrument bulbs to replace them (Dec 14)

Richard Withington said "I finally got round to acquiring some LED panel lights today from Classic Dynamo Conversions near Lincoln. The first two were easy to install, petrol gauge and lower speedo, but the others seem more challenging. My first inclination is to lower the steering column so that I can access the others. Any other suggestions or advice about accessing the panel lights welcome as I feel I need to be a contortionist to get hold of them!"

Nic Houslip responded that the dashboard instrument lamps are easy to get at if you can get upside down in the driver's seat, feet in the air and head under steering column, where you will find the instrument lamps are in a small "plug in" holder that inserts into hole about ½" dia in the back of each instrument. They are spring loaded - page 2 of the

attached document shows the lamp holder out of the speedo. The document is from a workshop manual for a 1978 car, but others are similar.

Where can you get LED replacement bulbs from for an MGB or MGBGTV8?
Richard Withington mentioned that he bought the replacement bulbs from Classic Dynamo Regulator

Conversions or CDRC, a 'one man band' based in Cammeringham, near Lincoln. I was prompted by the LED bulbs upgrade article in Safety Fast! in April

(5) pull the bulb holder from the back of the speedometer (4)

this year. Replacement bulbs for the stop/brake lights and eight panel lights cost £36.

See our LED bulbs upgrade article. More & More

Extract from workshop manual for a 1978 MGB. More
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