ECU upgrade caution

Paul Baker is pleased with the Optimax chip upgrade but has an important caution. (Feb 15)
I have had an Optimax ECU chip fitted, plus an ignition amplifier, new plugs and Magnicor leads all done by RPi Engineering in Norwich. The service was excellent and the outcome is really worth it - smoother, far more responsive through the gears and more economic as I am getting 33mpg. So whilst it cost a bit I would add my name to those that recommend these upgrades.
The ignition amplifier is fitted to the car by sticking it to side of engine bay which RPi say they have always done, but on my car it fell off and landed on exhaust manifold and burnt out as I was on my way to get MOT. A costly trip as I had to be returned home on low loader and with no MOT! RPi have been great and have mended the unit which I have refitted and this time, as I was doing it myself, I have made sure it is fixed much more safely using cable ties as a safety mechanism so if it does come unstuck it will not fall down onto the exhaust again. The important message is if you have had one of these fitted you might want to make sure you put some cable ties around wires at each end to make it more secure.
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