Goodwood Revival 2014

Goodwood Revival, the annual three day festival of motorsport with a relaxed feel and period setting. We have an informal V8 Gathering at the event.

Goodwood website at
is well worth a visit where you can book tickets online or by calling the ticket office on 01243 755055

V8 Register contact number over the weekend - Victor Smith on
07770 822977

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Thursday 11th September 2014
A day when competitors and friends are arriving and setting up in the Paddock, so it is not crowded and you can get round in comfort. Then in the afternoon there is a cricket match at Goodwood House with racing personalities at the crease. A Spitfire usually beats up the cricket square at around 4.30pm.

Friday 12th September 2014
A busier but enjoyable day with practice and modest crowds.

Saturday 13th September 2014
Full racing programme and a busy day. A walk round the circuit gets you away from the Paddock crowds.

Sunday 14th September 2014
Full racing programme and for many it has become a day which can be uncomfortably crowded, but certainly the racing programme is excellent that day.

When to arrive and where to park?
Best to arrive before 8.00am and avoid the serious congestion on the A27. Aim for the North East car park. We have a useful map showing you the route via Singleton and East Dean. More

Coming from the North?
If you are approaching Goodwood from the North, for example at Singleton village from from Milford on the A3, then why not download a copy of the route. MMGR02
You will need to modify the final approach to Goodwood - see the "where to park guide" alongside for details.
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