As you leave the A3 southwest of Guildford and run up the long slip road for Milford, there is always a sense of relief to be off the frenetic pace of the busy dual carriageway. There is also the feeling that an enjoyable route to Goodwood is beginning which will take you through some beautiful countryside and the attractive market towns of Haslemere and Midhurst. The road ahead has gentle curves and undulations leaving you with that essential interest - what is ahead? At modest speeds, the winding roads suit the handling of a pre-war or classic MG. You need to take time as there is a great deal to see along the route and interesting places to stop and enjoy. Probably the high point of the route is your first glimpse of the smooth lines of the South Downs ahead.

Memorable MG Routes series
This is the second Memorable MG Route in a new series launched in the revived Safety Fast!

The viewpoint on top of the South Downs close to the grandstand on the Goodwood horse racing course, provides a panorama over West Sussex. On a bright day the views for 30 miles north can be stunning.

Milford to Goodwood Aerodrome along the A286

You can download a copy of the two page article on this second Memorable MG Route together with a photo guide to the route and a detailed route guide with directions, places to see, diversion options and suggested refreshment spots. They are both PDF documents.

Photo guide to the route
Walk on Black Down

Detailed route guide
Download a copy of the guide in PDF format.
Route guide and details
A new series called Memorable MG Routes has been launched
Memorable MG Routes are not simply about the tactile pleasure of driving the road, particularly in an MG, but they are also about the interest along the route from the views on the road, places to visit, sights to see and of course refreshment at tea shops and pubs! More

Series will continue

A key feature of this series is contributions are welcome from members with their own memorable routes. So suggestions for additional routes will be very welcome. A note with guidelines for the style, content and format of the Memorable MG Routes series is available. More