New Vehicle Registration Documents to be issued to combat fraud

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Updated: 4.8.10
From the 15th August 2010 all V5Cs that are issued by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) will have a new look. The new V5C will make it clear that the registration certificate is not proof of ownership and will provide details of where you can get advice on buying a used vehicle. Anyone with the existing blue version need not do anything as both types of document are still valid.
The new V5C is the red document on the right above and the familar old form is in blue. You can see a copy of the new document and the full text of the email issued by the "Strategic Communications Manager" at the DVLA on 23rd July 2010 via our links. New V5C and DVLA email 230710 (4.8.10)
Chris Hunt Cooke reports that in 2006, a batch of blank V5 documents were stolen. Acting, as they describe it, as a matter of urgency, in order to protect vehicle buyers, the DVLA are introducing a re-designed document, which will start being used next month for new issues. In a year’s time they will be issued for all remaining vehicles whenever they are re-taxed or SORN declared. (21.7.10)
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