Hankook all season tyre is an option worth considering

Gordon Hesketh-Jones provides useful feedback on his tyre choices as a heavy MGBGTV8 user and highlights an all season tyre which came out well in an AutoExpress winter tyre test.

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Posted: 1211211

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Gordon Hesketh-Jones, an all the year round high mileage driver in his MGBGTV8, notes "AutoExpress ran a reasonably scientific Winter Tyre test in one of their October editions. The tests were carried out in Sweden for the snow tests and then in Hanover for the dry and wet comparative tests." The tests are described on the AutoExpress website and the results table is alongside showing Continental winter tyres coming out best but interestingly the Hankook Optimo - an all-season tyre - came fifth in the results. This tyre was described as the"best all-season choice is a real jack-of-all trades".
Gordon has decided that the Hankook all season tyre, with its very good performance when measured alongside the winter tyres in the AutoExpress comparative tests, is probably the best option for his frequent all the year round use of his V8. Good braking, handling and grip on wet and dry roads in cold temperatures is important for him rather than the slightly better braking, traction and handling performance that a genuine winter tyre would provide on snow. The Hankook Optimo K175 tyres all season tyre scored a respectable 95.7% beating Vredestein and Goodyear. The other useful feature revealed by the AutoExpress tests is the Hankook tyres are available in the 175/80 R14 size which is correct for the Factory MGBGTV8 model although they have a "T" speed rating rather than an "H". Gordon says "blackcircle.com have them on offer at £48.46 each so with local fitting in Cornwall that would be a total of around £270 for a set - well worth it I would say".

Prudently Gordon has checked with his insurer that fitting a Hankook all season tyre in the correct tyre size for the V8 but with an altered speed rating would be acceptable and they confirmed it would be fine. As he intended fitting an 80 aspect ratio tyre he did not enquire whether they would accept a 70 profile tyre if he had chosen to fit the Continental winter tyre which is available only as a 175/70 R14, but he feels that fitting that profile would require the insurer's consent..

One final point - blackcircles.com also have the Continental Eco Contact 3 Summer 175/80 R14 tyre (the winner in the AutoExpress Summer tests) in an H rating at £63.84.
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