Which? magazine tests winter tyres

The popular UK consumer magazine Which? has been lab testing winter tyres and Continental's tyres came out on top. The January 2012 issue has the complete TestLab report and highlights six best buy winter tyres in two of the most popular sizes.

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Continental WinterContact TS800 - 175/65 R14T
Really good all rounder and class leader on snow and good in wet and dry conditions. Slightly lower performance cornering on ice compared with other tyres. Price around £74.

Continental WinterContact TS830 - 205/55 R16H
Top of the ratings table on snow, in the wet and in dry conditions but compared with leading winter tyres, a slightly lower braking and cornering performance on ice. Price around £125.
Don't buys - the Which? report mentioned the Falken Eurowinter HS439 175/65 R14T tyre had "wet grip and snow performance well below acceptable standards" and the Kenda Polar Trax KR19 205/55 R16H "did really badly in wet conditions".

Remember you don't need snow for winter tyres to show a benefit for winter driving - they work considerably better in all conditions as temperatures drop below 7C. In some parts of the UK that can be as early as September or October. With average winter temperatures of 3.7C, winter tyres can offer 60% more grip than summer tyres and noticeably more traction and steering response.
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