Glycol and silicone brake fluids
Which brake fluid?
Bob Owen has produced an excellent article which sets out the facts with a dispassionate assessment of the issues so fellow members can understand the DOT categories, the DOT fluid performance tests and the benefits and disadvantages of each fluid. He has also highlighted some concerns - key variables where there is uncertainty. In essence they are the lack of information on the composition of the replacement rubber seals and the effect of various formulations of glycol fluid available in the market on those different types of rubber seal - and the effect of silicone fluid on them too.

Whilst we are continuing to investigate the rubber composition issues further, we felt many V8 members would welcome the early release of this six page article so they could be aware of the main issues and concerns.

If you have any direct experience of either success or difficulties with the use of either type of brake fluid, do send them to the V8 Webmaster who will ensure they are sent on to Bob Owen. (23.1.09)
V8 Webmaster

Download a copy of the article here:
Which brake fluid?
Background to the brake fluids topic and earlier V8 Workshop Notes. More
Note: the author of the article, the MG Car Club and the V8 Register and its officers and committee members take no position in recommending or not any particular type of brake fluid. If in doubt consult an MG specialist service provider. As with any other change from manufacturer's specification for your car, you should inform your insurance company if you change brake fluid from that originally specified.
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