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Posted: 181121

MGBGTV8 Overdrive failure
Andy Goves describes the process adopted to diagnose and successfully deal with a complete overdrive failure on his 1973 Factory launch MGBGTV8. Dismantling started on the lower overdrive plate to inspect the filter and gauze of the overdrive unit. It soon became clear that the fault lay with a broken circlip so the overdrive unit was not functioning correctly due to insufficient oil pressure to the unit.
See V8NOTE551

MGBGTV8 internal door handle not operating
Derek Spencer Jones posted a query on the V8 Bulletin Board saying "the offside door for a 1976 V8 fails to open from the inside but can be opened from the outside. I have tried spraying the lock with WD40 but so far with no luck. Is there an adjustment or does one need to replace the unit? Any suggestions would be appreciated". David Beatty posted a useful response as a workshop note.
See V8NOTE552.

Mystery of a missing bellhousing cover plate
David Worthington said "having bought my MGBGTV8 a couple of years ago, I now discover that the plate covering the lower section of the bellhousing is missing. I think this plate is also called the flywheel housing dust plate. He found on the Rimmer website the part FRC145 was there with a note saying "this part may have multiple applications". So he got one and fitted it.
See V8NOTE553