V8 Register Grille Badge available again soon

Angus Munro volunteered to arrange a new supply of the small enamel grille badges. You can buy one on the Online V8 Shop.

Posted: 150812 & updated: 150812

Angus Munro feels the small V8 Register Grille Badge the register had available until a year or so ago was particularly good for the RV8 as the dimensions of the badge suited the grille size. The small badge has also been popular with members with the MGBGTV8 model as it minimised any obstruction to the ram air effect for cooling. As supplies of the last batch of these badges ran out a year or so ago Angus was frustrated he had been unable to get one, even a secondhand badge on the V8 Spares for Sale & Wanted webpage, so he has arranged for a new supply to be manufactured with a reputable producer of good quality enamel car club badges. They are likely to be available soon.
The V8 Register Grille Badges will be on offer through the Online V8 Shop at £33.75 (UK including P&P and VAT), £39.99 (Mainland Europe including airmail P&P and VAT) and £39.99 (Overseas including airmail P&P). Buy a badge now