V8 Summer BBQ
Sunday 19th July 2015

Bob and Carolyn Owen are hosting a V8 Summer BBQ on Sunday 19th July at their home in Mortimer, SW of Reading in Berkshire.

From 11am for lunch at Bob and Carolyn Owen's home with barbecued Ludgershall sausages and/or beefburgers with all the trimmings plus soft drinks and a limited supply of wine and beer. Should the weekend coincide with the F1 Grand Prix then it will be projected on the back wall of the garage. There will be a charge of £7 per person.
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Details of the location will be provided in the booking response from Bob Owen.

Bob & Carolyn Owen
Email & 0118 933 2533

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Bookings from members for the V8 Summer BBQ
Carolyn Owen Anne-Lise Collins Sylvia Lake Steve Clear
Bob Owen Andrew Collins Tony Lake Heather Peers
Deny Lewis Mary Randle Tudur JonesCharles Peers
Rob Lewis Mark Randle Sue Walker
John Bolt Barbara Russell Jim Gibson
Dee Jeavons Mike Russell Pat Thompson
Peter Jeavons Rita Henke Roy Thompson
Debbie Brading John Henke Maria Taylor
Marion Quarrington Lin Avery Mike Taylor
Ian Quarrington Don Avery Carole Clear
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