Green Hell - the Nurburgring motor racing circuit

Green Hell - The Nurburgring Motor-Racing Circuit. BBC webpage

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Guy Konz's Factory MGBGTV8 is Ferrari Red 0543, originally Teal Blue and formerly owned by Colin Rea in the UK. The bonnet has two strips of vents and the bodywork is standard.

Guy Konz working on his V8.

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As a motor-racing circuit, the Nurburgring Nordschleife is without equal. It was once described by the famous racer Jackie Stewart as "The Green Hell" due to the way the road meanders through the local woodland. It is almost certainly the most feared, most demanding, most awe-inspiring and yet still the most fantastic purpose-built motor racing circuit in the world. What has given "The Ring" this status is its sheer size, all 13 miles and 73 bends of it.
V8 member, Guy Konz, says "I’m from Luxembourg and during the last 9 years I have owned two Factory V8s. The last one, the red one, is regularly used during track days on the famous Green Hell- Nordschleife. Other V8 owners may be interested in taking the passenger’s seat for a lap in my V8. See the video on YouTube

The video has you sitting in the passenger seat as the V8 pounds round the Circuit gradually building up speed. The sound of the V8 engine accelerating hard out of the corners and powering down the straight sections and long bends is sheer joy. It's an exhilarating experience!

Guy says "this is my second V8 and I have it for five years now since I bought from an enthusiast near Bristol. I haven’t opened the engine as it works pretty well producing 164 HP, so I don’t know what has been modified by previous owners. It still has the HIF6 carburettors, but SD1 heads, tubular manifolds and a competion exhaust from Maniflow. The front suspension is standard with the exception of a 7/8 ARB and lowered springs. The rear suspension has Konis with AHT 21 leaf springs and a panhard rod. The wheels are 5.5x15 with normal Dunlop tyres. The gearbox is standard and the rear axle hast has just been refurbished. The car really runs well and the handling is excellent. I also use the car on long rally routes and it still remains comfortable."

Guy adds "you can find some other videos of mine under guykonz on youtube."
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