Two websites for weather forecasts when travelling outside the UK provides the weather forecast for today plus each of the next 6 days (morning, afternoon and evening) at international locations giving temperature, UV, barometric pressure, rain amounts, cloud cover, wind (speed & direction) and an animated weather conditions symbol. There is also a useful Atlantic jetstream map for each of the seven days. Forecasts
V8 rating = 9/10
BBC weather provides a forecast for the next 24 hours, the next 4 days and a video of their latest TV weather presentation on screen. You can select an area (your home area or a place you plan to visit in the UK or overseas) for the forecasts. You also have maps with an animated sequence of the radar trace of any rain for the current day and the four days ahead. Forecasts
V8 rating = 8/10
Five websites for weather forecasts when travelling within the UK. More
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