Battery maintenance
With limited use classic cars battery maintenance is essential. Here we have five useful notes.

Following a report of a fire damage to a small collection of Historic vehicles, we understand the battery charging device in use at the time of the fire was not a CTEK or Accumate battery conditioner, each a popular choice for MGV8 enthusiasts. This will provide some reassurance for fellow V8 members, particularly those who helpfully contributed feedback through the short survey carried out recently.
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Posted: 201220

What are the popular battery conditioners for a classic car?
A survey of V8 owners indicated the two most popular brands of battery conditioners are the CTEK and Accumate. More

Members' views on battery conditioners
This note covers battery conditioners and is based on members' feedback of their choice of conditioner and experience with it. Here Peter Spurrs reports on the feedback. More

Wall mounting a battery conditioner
The general principle is to mount the unit in a safe, ventilated place where any heat that might be generated in or around a conditioner can be dissipated. Peter Spurrs looks at the options. More

Prudent safety measures with electrical devices on a classic car during a lay-up
Following reports that serious fire damage to a small collection of historic vehicles was believed to have been caused by a malfunction of a battery conditioner, prudent protective measures have been reviewed. More

Care when using a battery charger rather than a battery conditioner
Here Nic Houslip highlights the differences between a battery conditioner and a more traditional battery charger and the care you need to take when using a charger. More

Battery maintenance articles
For future reference, you can always reach links to these five articles via the battery maintenance information gateway - see the Information Gateways link in the "Technical Information" panel on the V8 Website homepage.
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