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V8BB posting seeking help finding a third gear for an SD1 gearbox

"Does anyone have a spare 3rd gear for an SD1 five speed gearbox as one of our members with an MGBGTV8 conversion is in need of a part and is struggling to find one?" See the V8BB thread

See the JR V8 website

Turnkey engine from JR V8 provides a complete package. More

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JR V8 has supplied V8 parts and engines throughout the UK for 10 years from their premises in Ballymena, Northern Ireland. They offer rebuilt "turnkey" Rover V8
with a rebuilt LT77 gearbox. These come complete with electronic ignition, new SVA compliant ignition leads, new alternator, reconditioned starter motor, refaced flywheel , new clutch kit, new water pump, new Edelbrock 500 cfm carb, new Edelbrock performer inlet manifold and new Edelbrock 14" chrome air filter. JR V8 holds a large range of standard and performance Rover engine and gearbox parts ready for same-day dispatch. JR V8 website

JR V8 is run by Jim Robinson who responded to a recent V8 Bulletin Board posting seeking help with finding a spare 3rd gear for an SD1 five speed gearbox as one of our members with an MGBGTV8 conversion was in need of a part and was struggling to find one? Jim's helpful response was "I should be able to help with this as I have quite a few new (old stock) gears here for the LT77 boxes. I'll need to know both the prefix and the suffix of the gearbox number".

As JR V8 was not listed in the V8 Register's V8LIFELINE, we contacted Bill McCullough, a V8 member in Northern Ireland and regular contributor to V8 Bulletin Board threads on V8 conversion, for information on this specialist V8 engine and parts and services supplier.
JR V8 - a brief review and recommendation from a fellow member
Bill McCullough, who has an MGBGTV8 conversion and a V8 Roadster, knows JR V8 and in response to our query provided this brief note for fellow members.
I can confirm that James Robinson is a specialist Rover V8 engine builder operating as JR V8 from a garage that is located beside his bungalow in the countryside about 5 miles from Broughshane in County Antrim. I have seen him work on engines and I can certainly commend his skills. He and an associate rebuild the LT 77 five speed gearboxes and have the facility to set up the on the bearings with bespoke shims made to measure. I have never met the gearbox specialist, but he rebuilt the box in my MGBGTV8 conversion earlier this year, after I had replaced the cluster gear and input shaft subsequent to breaking teeth on both gears. (I suspect ATF caused the damage). My attempts with home made shims left a lot to be desired, and rather than inflict further damage on the gearbox I took it to JR V8. The cost was reasonable and the expensive noises have almost vanished as the gears settle in to the new shimming - I am impressed
From what James has told me he took up the opportunity several years ago to buy a very large quantity of LT 77 spares at a reasonable price. JR V8 is also a source for second hand V8 engine spares, the last time I visited him five months ago he had about six old engines ready from stripping and two Rover V8 engines mounted on engine stands in partly assembled stage during reconditioning. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone needing advice or work done on the V8 engine or its gearboxes.
Although he owns an MGB and two other cars, I don't think he actually works on cars, his specialty appears to be the engine and its gearboxes. I was present on two separate occasions when he had a transport company take away a crated reconditioned engine, both went to UK mainland addresses.
Posted: 110811
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