Glycol and silicone brake fluids topic
Review of the brake fluid debate
The use of silicone brake fluid in classic car brake and clutch systems as a replacement for the original glycol is a topic of interest to V8 enthusiasts as we have seen from several V8NOTES issued in June 2001 and the brake fluids thread on the V8BB in November 2008. Whilst it is clear that silicone fluid does have some very useful features which can help reduce corrosion in brake systems, there are also reported difficulties with rubber seals swelling when subject to a change of brake fluid which have, in some cases, resulted in difficulties with braking systems. But what is also clear is there are many factors and many views from both V8 specialists and fellow enthusiasts based on their practical experiences which need objective and dispationate analysis. Based on what we have seen so far, the likely outcome could continue to be inconclusive so classic car enthusiasts like V8 members will have to make their own judgements and decisions on which fluid to use in their car.

Bob Owen has offered to prepare a paper on the glycol-silicone brake fluids topic with the aim of presenting the facts and the reported observations and views of experienced motor engineering specialists, together together with a dispationate analysis of the information provided by commercial interests involved in each type of fluid and rubber seals. Bob has experience of both glycol and silicone brake fluids on MG T-Types and has an MGBGTV8 and an MGZTT190. He is also a qualified electrical engineer. His report will be released on the V8 Website as soon as it is available. (5.12.08)

Which brake fluid?
An article providing the information you need to make your own choice prepared by Bob Owen. (22.1.09) More
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