MG V8 - Twenty-One Years On . . . From Introduction to RV8
by David Knowles and the V8 Register with co-authors Roger Parker, Geoff Allen and Dave Wellings
Hardback, 130 pages with colour and mono pictures
ISBN: 1-872004-89-X Published: 1994
£16.95 plus P&P

Now out of print and with very few copies available, prices of this useful book have risen during 2007 as V8 enthusiasts have sought copies on ebay and at traders' stalls at MG events. The scope of the book ranges wide from the MG heritage through the MGB and MGC models to the launch and production of the MGBGTV8 model. The role of the imaginative Ken Costello in creating his MGB V8 conversions in the early 1970s is mentioned and how the Factory, who had identified the V8 engine as a way of upgrading the aeging MGB, were contrained by a lack of model development funds from BLMC at the time but worked hard to produce their MGBGTV8 in 1972 for launch the following year. The development and birth of a "spiritual successor", the RV8, is covered together with useful sections on V8 conversions from Roger Parker, buying an MGBGTV8 from Dave Wellings and many authoritative contributions from the late Geoff Allen (former V8 Register Historian and Archivist). The numerous appendices are also a useful reference.
Definitely a book for MG enthusiasts for the MGBGTV8, Costello V8, V8 Conversions and the RV8
What does the book look like and what is the content? You can download a PDF copy of the front and back covers of the book together with the contents page and a typical page (page 51). The document is around 1MB. Download