Comments on replacement tyres from an MGBGTV8 enthusiast

Philip James (Sandglow 2868) replaced his 15 year old Michelin MX 195x14 tyres showing modest wear with a set of Pirelli P3000 185x14HR tyres at Micheldever in Hampshire for £55.00 each. His comments on the new tyres are "there is an improvement in ride, a large reduction in steering effort and lower tyre noise". He also recommends Micheldever.

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Comments on replacement tyres from an MGB RV8 enthusiast

Terry Starkey (Le Mans Green 0786) replaced his 11 year old Michelin MXV 205x65x15 Pilots showing moderate wear for a set of Michelin 205x65x15 VR Pilot Primacy tyres at FastFit in Norwich for £86.36 each. He comments "despite having ample tread left on them, the old and original tyres were becoming very "wooden" and the car was riding badly, espeacially over country roads. The steering was also becoming heavier and making the car unpleasant to drive. The new Primacys have made a tremendous difference by making the car more positive and with far lighter steering". He adds "having discovered that the equivalent of ZR (now W) ratings for 15" tyres is no longer available, I had some concerns so I phoned the Michelin Technical Department. They assured me that it would be OK to fit a V rated tyre unless I was thinking of regularly exceeding 180mph! Michelin also said the new Primacys would be more "forgiving" than the old MXVs which has always been a hard tyre. I would recommend anyone to call the Michelin Technical team and ask for Bob! They are superb and very knowledgeable". Terry adds he received very good service from FastFit in Norwich. (14.6.05)
Report from Geoff King on replacement tyres for his V8 Roadster
Geoff King is a regular contributor to the V8 Register's V8NOTES series and V8BB with useful technical information and comments. Here he provides feedback on his replacement tyres. (16.5.07) Report
Report from Tim Holway on his replacement tyres for a high mileage RV8
Tim says "when I first got the car it had Japanese rubber on which was dangerous with no grip in the wet at all, so I changed to the Michelins (Pilot Primacy). They are great for the RV8, my first set gave me 42,000 miles on the rear and 46,000 miles on the front - and I do not drive slowly. They handle well in all conditions but the key is the pressure! Make sure it is right. Yes as the tread gets to the end the ride is not so good. When you replace the tyres you notice the difference in how the new suppleness in the side walls improves the suspension on the new set".

Tim uses his RV8 a great deal (62,000 miles so far) and says "my RV8 has the Optimax chip and no cats, it was bought to drive and I do most days and all weathers. To get 40,000 miles plus on a set of tyres is good and you have a big grin every time you press the right peddle knowing you have got grip".

Tim had his tyres supplied and fitted by Bobs Tyres at Stevenage - "absolutely first class service at £88.12 a tyre, I have used them for tyres for all my vehicles for the last 20 years. Jaguars, 4x4, and a Japanese.classic. They always balanced perfectly with stick-on weights and no damage to the alloys". (5.7.07)
Report from Roger Stewart Glover on his replacement tyres for an RV8
Roger (BRG 1611) obtained his replacement tyres from Demon Tweeks in Wrexham at £74.00 each and would recommend the supplier to fellow members. Commenting on his tyres, Roger says:

Performance: The original 11 year old Michelin Pilot tyres appeared to be in excellent condition, not marked or cracked with 5.5 mm of tread remaining. However, very little grip in dry conditions and somewhat lethal in the wet. The new Yokohama AVS dB tyres have significantly improved the precision of the steering, the handling, especially in the wet. This results in a more responsive car with slightly lighter steering. I have much more confidence in the car.

thercomments: I believe that the handbook stated tyre pressures of 22/24 (front/rear) are too low and 25/27 seems to suit the car much better. Incidentally, when combined with new Koni shockers (from Clive Wheatley) and Poly bushes on the anti roll bars, the new tyres and slightly increased pressures, result in a well handling car, which really is transformed from the original version.
Report from Mark Rathbone on his replacement tyres for an MGBGTV8
I wanted to return my car to the original tyre size (175/80 instead of 185/70) and to fit a full set of good quality tyres, instead of the mixed ages and brands on the car when I bought it in July 2007. Before the replacement there were old Michelins on the front and horrible new Korean jobs on the rear. The rear tyres, though new, had been fitted by vendor before sale of the V8 to me were a foul quality and had a bulge in one sidewall. Also they were all were oversize. The handling now feels more predictable, the steering a touch lighter and I certainly feel safer driving the car.

I had the replacement tyres fitted by Poole Tyre Services, 142 Stanley Green Road, Poole BH15 3AH - tel: 01202 672478 and pooletyre((atat)) - and would recommend them. Very efficient service and excellent value for money. A few days before I had taken my mother's Metro in for a new set of tyres and I was astonished that the new tyres for the V8 were only £6 per tyre more than the Metro's. I've used Poole Tyre Services for several years now and rate them highly.
V8BB posting from Steve Birmingham on a good value deal for replacement RV8 tyres
I have just been to our local ‘Costco’ in Leeds. Whilst there I looked at their tyre fitting bay. My tyres are OK, only two years old with little wear and approximately 3K. I asked for a quote for 205/65 VR15 Pilot Primacy - they offered £74.01 each and if you have 4 fitted you receive a £20 discount. This price is inclusive of VAT, fitting etc. I get that to £69.01 each. The guy I bought the RV8 from paid £340 plus VAT two years ago for a set (£99.87 each). So if you need new tyres check out Costco Wholesalers. For details of how to become a member and locations see: If you know anyone with a card that’s ok they just have to be present. (3.11.07)
Report from Dave Hedger on his replacement tyres for a V8 Roadster
Dave had his tyres replaced at North East Tyres and Exhausts and he recommends them as "the service is always helpful, friendly and efficient. They always offer alternatives and look for any tyres on special offer." He had to replace the tyres as the "previous owner had never changed the tyres and said that whilst the original 1800 axle was fitted the insurance company had never queried the use of SR tyres. I have changed the axle to 3.07 diff so changed to the higher HR speed rated tyres. As could be expected both the general handling and ride are vastly improved. This of course would have happened anyway as the old tyres had hardened with age! I had only driven a few hundred miles on the old tyres but now with the new Bridgestones I have much greater confidence in all departments, acceleration, cornering and especially braking." (21.12.07)
Report from Alan Spence (RV8 Woodcote Green 1946)
The performance has completely changed the car - easy steering, not as bouncy in the wet. Four tyres for £280 including all balancing and VAT. (28.4.08)