Matters raised by Members prior the online V8 Annual General Meeting 2020
This online form is available to Members of the V8 Register so they can raise any matters or other issues they would have wished to have made had this V8 AGM had been held as usual as a physical meeting at MGLive! rather than the online V8 AGM we have arranged as a replacement. The date of the online V8 AGM is noon on Sunday 2nd August 2020 with online voting from Saturday 11th July 2020 when the online voting form will be available via a link on the V8 Website homepage. Please ensure your vote is made on or before 11.30am (BST) on Sunday 2nd August 2020.
Formal notice of the V8 AGM 2020 & agenda

For information on the procedure ahead of the V8 AGM 2020 see our "More" webpage:

Alternative online V8 AGM 2020
The Covid-19 social movement restrictions resulted in MGLive! not being held as planned at Silverstone over the weekend of Friday 12th to Sunday 14th June 2020, so our holding the V8 AGM there at noon on the Sunday has not been possible. An alternative online V8 AGM will be held instead, although not a live Zoom type meeting, but with the formal notice and agenda released on the V8 Website together with various reports, including the V8 Register's accounts for 2019 with the V8 Treasurer's report, and the nominations of Members wishing to stand for election to the V8 Committee. An online voting and response form will be available from Saturday 11th July 2020 when nominations close. Please note that online voting form is for Members of the V8 Register - see below - so they can each vote on the nominations and any resolutions as items on the agenda (for example approval of the annual accounts for the V8 Register to 31st December 2019).

If you have any queries
regarding the online V8 AGM and procedures or the online form below, please contact the current V8 Chairman, Victor Smith. Contacts

Matters arising or other comments raised by Members ahead of the V8 AGM 2020

Matters arising or comments received from Members are set out below. Please note the closing date for responses using this form is Friday 10th July 2020 because online voting starts on Saturday 11th July 2020 and ends at noon on Sunday 2nd August 2020 - that provides Members with a 3 week window to vote on nominations and other matters on the agenda.

Matters arising or other matters raised by Members

30th June 2020
Matter raised by Richard Worthington
"I would also like to ask whether further consideration is being given to asking Scenic Tours to arrange future V8 Tours or are we maintaining past formats with members volunteering?"

Response from Ken Clayton (V8 Tours/Event Coordinator)
Ken Clayton reports he has had no volunteers to plan and run the next V8 Tour in 2021 or 2022 (if this year's tour is moved on a year as seems likely) which he feels is disappointing. So without a volunteer to take on that task if we wish to have further annual V8 Tours we will need to resort to contracting out the planning and arranging of future V8 Tours. That seems very likely now. Scenic Tours are good at the job but it would have been both welcome and encouraging to see members who enjoy the annual V8 Tours stepping forward just occasionally and putting something back into the V8 Tours. Ken recognises your contribution with managing the V8 Lincolnshire Tour was very good.

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