Finding Sulgrave village

Sulgrave is a small village to the north west of Silverstone which you reach from a turning off the A43 near Syresham between Silverstone and Brackley. From Silverstone the route is around 9.5 miles and takes around 15 to 20 minutes. V8 Register members attend an informal supper at the Star Inn in Sulgrave on the Friday evening of the International MG Meeting of the MG Car Club.

Getting to Silverstone Circuit
From the north and west you can reach Silverstone on the A43 from the M40 at J10. From the north and east you can approach Silverstone on the A43 from the A5 at Towcester and the M1 at J15a. From the south you can use either the M1 or the M40 or alternatively you can follow a very pleasant rural route from Aylesbury via Winslow, Buckingham and Stowe and then the small village of Dadford just south of the Circuit.

Please note - the map above incorrectly marks the M40 (on the LHS)
as the M4. It is the M40!

Route from Silverstone Circuit to Sulgrave village
The Star Inn at Sulgrave, a small village to the north west of the A43 between Silverstone and Brackley, is around 9.5 miles from Silverstone. The map below shows the winding route through the country lanes to Sulgrave. Leave the Circuit and turn right onto the short section of road that takes you to the underpass on the new section of dual carriageway bypass for Silverstone village. Turn left down the slip road and head south west along the A43. After just under three and half miles after passing by Syresham, turn right off the A43 on to a minor road signposted for Sulgrave. Note, with the new dual carriageway, this entails a short double-back along the north eastern carriageway of the A43 to the turning for Crowfield. The route to Sulgrave is then on minor roads where you will need to follow the map below carefully and look out for the signposts for Helmdon and then Sulgrave.

Beware of speed cameras on this route!
Northamptonshire is littered with speed cameras, many of which appear to be sited more for revenue generation than based on analyses of accident statistics. Please note there are two speed cameras on this route:

On the A43, just a mile and half from Silverstone there is a speed camera on a section of dual carriageway before Syresham as you head west towards Brackley. The camera is sited on a downhill slope with a mile of dual carriageway ahead where it passes the popular Green Man pub on the other side of the road. Most V8 enthusiasts would be tempted to open up the throttle on seeing a section of dual carriageway ahead, and with a downhill slope it is very easy for your speed to rise rapidly - beware this speed camera is sitting there on the LHS at the start of the dual carriageway to catch you!

Half a mile after turning off the A43 onto a straight section of minor road you will find another speed camera in the hamlet called Crowfield. As you come into Crowfield there is an "S" bend (right, then left) which drops through a hollow and then continues as a very tempting straight section of road past a chicken farm. Take care - there is a speed camera on the exit of the "S" bend just as you leave the hamlet. When returning from Sulgrave on this route, you will of course need to remember this camera is on the approach to Crowfield at the end of that long straight section of relatively smooth road.

These speed cameras are marked on the detailed route map available by clicking the link below.

Route from Silverstone Circuit to the small village of Sulgrave.

For a larger, more detailed route map from Silverstone Circuit to Sulgrave, see Sulgrave route. If you then print that map online you will probably only get the lefthand third of the map! To print a full copy of this large scale map you have two options:

1. You will need to save the image you can see online to your PC, probably to My Documents, using the small Save icon that appears when you run your mouse over the image. You then insert it into a new document in Word paginated for landscape format. Then print the Word document and you should have the whole map!

2. You can download the map already inserted into a Word document in landscape format - just click Sulgrave route map. The file size is around 55kb so may take 12 to 15 seconds to download, depending on your internet connection speed.

Victor Smith