Damask 0450
was advertised for sale on eBay in April 2008 and bought by Barrie Jones as a restoration project. Well he has started the work and has offered to send in regular reports as it progresses. As many MGBGTV8s are approaching the stage where some restoration work will be necessary, this series should prove interesting for fellow members.

The car was featured in an MGBGTV8s at risk article following the discovery of several tired MGBGTV8s by Clive Wagerfield who was concerned they would be broken for spares. More
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Rebuilding Bracken 1012
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Overdrive on third gear - laying to rest a few myths
See an article published in Safety Fast! in January 2008. More

Refurbishing the bulkhead shelf in the engine bay

Clive Wagerfield has provided a pictorial record of the work. More

More useful notes from Barrie Jones
Solving a faulty handbrake
Barrie Jones (Glacier White 0672) from Cornwall is rebuilding an MGBGTV8 (Damask 0450) and has come up with an interesting difficulty with replacement brakes parts. (Sep 08)
Common wiring faults
Barrie Jones (Glacier White 0672) from Cornwall is rebuilding an MGBGTV8 (Damask 0450) and has come up with a useful note on common wiring faults. (Sep 08) V8NOTE384

Good news from Clive Wagerfield (who takes a keen interest in MGBGTV8s at risk of being broken for spares) that two V8s appear to have been saved that fate. Update

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Barrie Jones with Damask 0548, originally Teal Blue, which was an earlier restoration he sold to Michael Rumelin from Germany.

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Delft Blue 3115 is an MGBGTV8 conversion that is undergoing a major rebuild. Mike Howlett is aiming to try and finish it in time for the Caledonian Tour 2009 on Skye.
Regular reports of the restoration of Damask 0450
Barrie Jones has been beavering away since April 2008 and has sent in a series of reports of the progress with a photo record which will be of interest to many members. The series is proving fascinating.
Barrie says "When we started this series of reports, I had no idea they would become a series of more than 20 episodes. I feel that I should put the record straight regarding who is doing what and where. I can handle anything electrical, mechanical or trimwork, but I do not do bodywork or paintwork. This has been entrusted to a local body shop - Fred Rendle of Launceston. They work mainly on damaged modern vehicles. However, they like to have one or two classic cars on the go as well, and these are worked on as and when there are gaps in their workload. They are currently working on my V8 and on an alloy-bodied AC Aceca coupe, and they have recently finished an Alvis Grey Lady and a Nissan Figaro. The cutting and welding of my V8 has been done by Peter, their main bodywork & paintwork specialist. The mobile roll-over spit was the idea of one of their engineers named Billy. He designed and built it so that it is adjustable to take much larger vehicles than an MGB." (15.2.10)
Rebuild Report 32
Barrie found the gearbox crossmember is handed - a useful tip. More
Rebuild Report 31
At the MOT test at last but then a brake failure! Poor quality replacement parts. See Barrie's final report. More & Sequel
Rebuild Report 30
A Canadian V8 member, David Looy, wanted to know more of the "spit" Barrie used for the rebuild. More
Rebuild Report 29
Damask 450 is now fully painted with the wiring, brake lines, fuel line, dashboard, suspension and brakes. More
Rebuild Report 28
Barrie Jones has been servicing the rear brakes and highlights some problems. More
Rebuild Report 27
Barrie Jones says "at long last I have the painted shell of Damask 450 back home in my garage." More and Spax
Rebuild Report 26
Damask 0450 is now being painted with the first coats of gloss applied to the interior and engine bay. More
Rebuild Report 25
Barrie Jones notes "standard V8 seats can be a bit uncomfortable after a long journey, so many owners use an extra cushion in the small of the back. I modify the seat frames to provide better lumbar support. More
Rebuild Report 24
Damask 450 is back on four wheels and soon
the shell will be ready for painting. More
Rebuild Report 23
The end is in sight but when preparing for priming and painting, one last area of rust became apparent. More
Rebuild Report 22
Damask 450 is back from the sand blasters and is now coated in 2-pack orange primer for protection of the bare metal. A new heater box base is being fitted. (1.4.10) More
Rebuild Report 21
With all the rusty parts cut out, the bare body shell has been mounted on a spit Barrie has built from an old trailer, so now the V8 is ready to go off for sandblasting. (6.2.10) More
Rebuild Report 20
Barrie strengthens the rack mountings on the front crossmember and inserts the boot floor. (2.12.09) More
Rebuild Report 19
After a 7 month break, work has resumed two weeks ago and Barrie has sent in a report. (9.11.09) More
Rebuild Report 18
This is the turning point. There is no more rusty metal to remove - so the rebuid begins! (19.2.09) More
Two pack epoxy primer
In his 17th Rebuild Report, Barrie Jones mentioned using two pack epoxy primer on a rear spring hanger. Here he provides a brief note on Lechler's product. (20.2.09) More
Panel quality concerns
We contacted the BMH Body Plant to clarify the quality concerns raised below. (20.2.09) More
Rebuild Report 17
The strip-down of Damask 450 is now almost complete. Quality and fit of the replacement panels has been found to be fairly poor. (12.2.09) More
Rebuild Report 16
This week the work continues - the nearside rear chassis rail is being replaced. (16.1.09) More
Rebuild Report 15
Into the New Year and Barrie has stripped the rockers and gearbox. (4.1.09) More
Rebuild Report 14
'Tis Christmas, and something was shining inside the nearside A post. But what was it? (19.12.08) More
Rebuild Report 13
After a break and some other car servicing, progress has now resumed on Damask 450. Here another rebuild updates. (12.12.08) More
Rebuild Report 12
I recently separated the overdrive from the gearbox in order to delete overdrive on 3rd gear.
(31.10.08) More
Rebuild report 11
Not much to report this week, apart from . . . finding the wing was badly rusted around the tail lamp. (20.10.08) More
Rebuild report 10
Barrie has been working on the nearside out-rigger and spring hanger plus the carburettor needles! (2.10.08) More
Rebuild report 9
Barrie finds a dangerous bodge on the carburettors. (26.9.08)
Rebuild report 8
Barrie turns his attention to the nearside. (22.9.08)
Rebuild report 7
Driver's inner step sill was holed in two places, so it needed replacing. (15.9.08)
Rebuild report 6
Photo record of work in progress following a holiday break. (12.9.08) More
Rebuild report 5
Photo record of work in progress.
Rebuild report 4
Photo record of work in progress.
(14.8.08) More
Rebuild report 3
Photo record of work in progress.
(31.7.08) More
Rebuild report 2
Photo record as a PDF file.
Rebuild report 1
Photo record as a PDF file. (23 & 25.7.08) More
Damask 0450 seen for sale on eBay
(30.4.08) More
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