How do I advertise V8 Spares for Sale on this website?

Preparing your advert
When drafting your advert, please start with a short phrase describing the goods - for example "Unused replacement front shock absorbers for an MGBGTV8" - and then follow that with a little more detail about the goods including the part number, the condition (brand new and unused, or used with little use or wear adding the period of use, or moderate use), whether it is an original part (for example a Unipart) or a branded aftermarket part, the size and colour (where important), the price, an indication of how the goods will be delivered to the buyer (for example "buyer collects" or the seller will send the goods by package or parcel post, by inland courier or freight service, and whether the seller can arrange for overseas delivery), and finally your telephone contacts.

We encourage advertisers to include a photo (but this is not mandatory) which is posted alongside the advert, so either send a scan of a photo or a digital photo as a jpeg file (on a floppy disc or as an email attachment) or the original photo which the V8 Webmaster can scan, crop, resize and optimise for use on the website free of charge for you.

Private Sale or a Sale by a Specialist Trader?

We feel it is important that adverts make clear whether the goods are being offered for sale by a member as a "Private Sale" or by a trader as a "Trade Sale", so one of those phrases in parenthesis will be attached to each advert. Where appropriate we will mention that a trader is part of the V8LIFELINE, the listing maintained by the V8 Register of V8 specialist traders which have been recommended by members of the V8 Register as providing good quality and reliable services. However do note the disclaimer below. Where goods are offered for sale by a trader, do check whether the goods have any guarantee or warranty provided by the trader and/or the manufacturer.

Adverts from traders are welcome but please note the Business Advertisement Disclosure Order (1977) requires all business advertisers must make it clear in their advertisement that they are a trader. When submitting an advert for display, please ensure that the words "business advert" are at the foot of the advert.

Cost of the advert
The charge for an advert on this webpage is £15.00 (both private sales and trade adverts) but adverts will be free of charge for members of the V8 Register who are current members of the MG Car Club. Adverts may also be placed on this website at no charge by V8 Specialist Traders who have purchased a current rollover button advert or a whole page advert on this website. The V8 Register reserves the right to review and amend this pricing policy and the terms at any time at its sole discretion.

Where do I send my advert?
To post an advertisement on this webpage:

Send your advert (text and any photo(s) to the V8 Webmaster - the contacts are alongside. The V8 Register is a branch of the MG Car Club, a company limited by guarantee and registered in England.

Send your payment by cheque to the V8 Webmaster. All cheques payable to "V8 Register - MG Car Club" please and sent to the V8 Webmaster at the address in the column alongside.

Please provide full details of the advertiser - name, address, telephone number and email address.

Need help or have any queries?
Contact Victor Smith, V8 Webmaster - his contacts are alongside.

How can I place an advert for my V8 Spares on this webpage?
Just send the text of your advert describing the spares you are offering for sale together with a photo to the V8 Webmaster together with the other items in the checklist below.
Quick checklist when sending an advert to the V8 webmaster
Text of advert
Photo of item
Clarify trader status
Payment (non member)
Advertiser's details

What is the cost?

Who do I make the cheque out to?

Where do I send my advert?

Disclaimer - please note

V8 Webmaster
V8 Register
MG Car Club
PO Box 888
London SW14 7YT
V8 Webmaster
0208 392 9434

The V8 Register, its officers and committee members cannot accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the details in any of the adverts posted on the V8 Website or for the conduct or outcomes of any trading that may result.

Safety related parts
Members purchasing safety related V8 spares or parts should seek specialist assistance to carry out a technical examination of those items before use.