What a dreadfully over-blown case!

Report in the Times on Wednesday 22nd December 2021 of an employment tribunal hearing concerning an employee's flatulence.
Times report

Comments from fellow members:

> What an overblown case!

> That story has blown me away!

> To fart is not to reason why.

> He was trumpeting his case!

> What problem - I would never have gassed.

> Well, the tribunal obviously regards flatulence as a disability. If this gets out (as it were) Social Services will be overwhelmed by claims for disability benefits.

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Posted: 211222
A barrister sued senior prosecutors for harrassment after a fellow lawyer asked him to stop breaking wind in a small shared office.

It was also reported the barrister felt "his bosses and colleagues targetted him after he returned to work from medical leave which not only embarassed him, but also violated his dignity"!

A tribunal rejected the claim ruling that it was reasonable for his colleague to request that he stop breaking wind due to the size of the office and repetitive nature of his farting.

However the tribunal found the employer was guilty of disability discrimination and failing to make reasonable adjustments. It encouraged both parties to agree on compensation without the need for a further hearing - or hopefully further farting!

Comments on "reasonable adjustments":

> Colleagues wearing gas masks?

> Or use a table fan on the maximum setting blowing across the small office towards an open window!

> Or locating the barrister in a Carcoon (an air-tight plastic cover used for lay-ups of classic cars) with a built in air pump removing the air within the Carcoon via a large pipe and discharging it outside the room?

See the article in the Times today
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