Keynote speaker at a US conference on ageing
Hear Fritz Coleman NBC 4 News, Weathercaster, speaking at the Pasadena Conference on Ageing. Did you ever imagine a weather forecaster could be so entertaining? Video clip

You know you are getting old whenever every conversation you have with your friends has a medical update.

Don't tell me I am old until I'm old.

When you visit a urologist you look around the waiting room and think this is a reunion of Civil War veterans!

Wherever you go you try and figure out where you are in relation to the closest bathroom - that's why I downloaded the bathroom GPS app on my iPhone

When you get old the key is to live in the moment because you can't count on the future and you can't remember the past.

Seniors head south to Florida to live out their remaining years where the temperature never drops below their age. They remain active there in retirement - they even have pole dancing holding on to a bathroom safety handle!!

Why aren't you wearing hearing aids - I'll tell you why, all they do is make the BS louder!

Contributor: Mike Russell
Posted: 210126
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