Moscow finds the Trump situation amusing!

A video clip as a contribution from an old friend in Moscow of Biden and Trump! It's very well received by the Russian audience. But who would really want to leave office as the laughing stock across the World?


Contributor: Sasha
Posted: 210114
Let go the table, Donald, now I am president of America.

No, I do not believe you, Beiden, you are not president, go away.

No, I am president of America, America needs young blood.

Let me go, no.

Go away, you are 78 years old.

That’s why I need to hurry to start to govern, I have been elected by the people.

I do not believe you, Biden.

Look, look.

Whats this? I can't see, go further away, further, furthen I can't see a damn.

I can't go further, I won't hear you if I go further.

Then go back here.

Where shall I go? I can't see . . .huh?

Go to the smell.

What smell?

The smell of henna and autosuntan.

Go away.

I will not go away I have just tidied all these things on my table.

I will help you to collect everything, what's this, activated carbon, ascorbic, what's this, nitroglycerin, whats this?

This is sprouts . . . what are you doing, what . . you should have put one plastic bag into another, otherwise everything will leak away.

Where am I supposed to get the second bag?

Go look up there at the balcony, I have washed 3 bags and left them to dry there.

I will not go to the balcony I am not wearing my underpants. You do not know how to govern America , Donald.

(and so on)
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