GRAVITAS is WION's prime time show which brings viewers news and discussions on concurrent issues from India and across the globe. WION (World is One News) is an international English language news-based pay television channel in India that is owned by Essel Group, which is part of the Zee Media network of channels. The channel reports global news and issues. Its website was launched in June 2016 and the TV channel in August 2016 as a free-to-air satellite service in many countries.

Palki Sharma is a well regarded news editor and presenter and a key member of the management team at the Gravitas news channel. In this video she discusses the degree to which brazen copying of other producers' products is carried out in China, not least in the motor car sector. She refers to brazen banditry by manufacturers in China that are part of what has become the World's largest manufacturing hub. As many classic car enthusiasts have seen some of the replacement car parts produced in China look good and are competitively priced but often prove to be of woefully poor quality - for example replacement distributor rotor arms, many of which develop faults within less that 100 miles. Palki presents a forthright case in her style which aims to "make sense of the news".

Palki Sharma mentions "C-2-C" or "Copy to China" which has become a business model in China where manufacturers there create fake copies of other manufacturers' products. It's become a copycat culture taken up by large manufacturing businesses in China.

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Posted: 200927 (Photos: Gravitas Plus)
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