Which specialist rust release agent or penetrating oil products?
Products recommended by Car Mechanics magazine in their product test report

Holts Rustola DL110
Quickly penetrates to the deepest parts of the area concerned by capillary action.
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Bilt Hamber Ferrosol
A high quality lubricant designed to penetrate close tolerances, free rusted together parts, displace water, restore electrical circuits and provide corrosion protection.
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Comma Frost Bite
Its -30C treatment "bites" through corroded and rusted components to penetrate and "crack" them open.
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Other products mentioned by V8 members

Wurst Rust Off
High performance rust dissolving agent.
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Wurst Rust Off Ice
High performance rust dissolving agent with cracking effect
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Kano Aerokroil pentrating oil
Aerokroil 10 oz. aerosol can.
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Penetrating Oils product test carried out by Car Mechanics magazine
See a report on a Penetrating Oils product test carried out by the popular Car Mechanics magazine in April 2011. More

See our updated performance and value for money chart based on the Car Mechanics' product test results and current prices. More

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