Was the profile of an MGB bonnet changed for the MGBGTV8?

As a double-check we are getting two members to measure the curvature of an early MGB bonnet and that of an MGBGTV8 bonnet and will report their findings as soon as the data comes in. Measurements

Bonnet stay mounting on the nearside edge of the bonnet HZA4197 fitted to an MGBGTV8

Posted: 13.10.10

A recent query from a member said "I seem to remember reading somewhere, some time ago, that the Factory V8s had a reprofiled bonnet (greater curvature) to aid clearance over the carburettors. Is this correct? I believe it was subsequently introduced on the four-cylnder models too."

We contacted V8 member, Peter Beadle (formerly parts manager at University Motors and at Moss Europe), who said the earlier aluminium bonnet, part number HZA401, was replaced by a steel bonnet HZA4015 for the MGB and GT models and then later HZA4197 was introduced for the MGBGTV8. In the Parts Manual AKM0039 (see extract below) those two steel bonnets were replaced by HZA4014 with a note you need the mounting bracket BHH1934. So far as he is aware the profile or curvature of the bonnet did not change although there were cut-outs in the sound deadening panels above the two SU carburettor dash pot tops to provide headroom.

Peter recounted how, when he was at University Motors in Epsom, he heard there was a stock of V8 bonnets with a distributor in Ireland and found they had no demand there for them. So they were shipped over but on arrival they each had spot damage on the bonnet. Why? Well HZA4197 had the mounting bracket for the bonnet stay fitted and when the bonnets were stacked one on top of the other, the protruding mounting caused damage to the bonnet below in the stack! So HZA4014 is supplied without the mounting attached and the Parts Manual has the note you need to get and fit BHH1934! By the way Peter says the damaged V8 bonnets were sold off as seconds.

Peter mentioned another point and that is most V8 panels start around HZA4600 so it seems the much earlier HZA4197 part number for the V8 bonnet suggests it was first made before most of the V8 parts.

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