Wheel refurbishment service for V8 Dunlop composite wheels

Note: MWS has announced it has ceased providing a refurbishment service for these wheels.

Advice on wheel care from Motor Wheel Service International. More

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Updated: 131218

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Refurbishing the Dunlop composite wheels on an MGBGTV8 is a job a relatively few specialists can undertake. Motor Wheel Service International based at Langley east of Slough offer a refurbishment service. They will disassemble the wheel splitting the steel rim from the alloy centre, examine the rim to assess its condition, re-chrome the rim and then reassemble the wheel with new rivets. Depending on the
state of the rims there may be additional work but in most cases they can achieve an airtight seal on reassembly. They provide a free reporting service on the wheels at the outset to enable the customer to consider the options. It's specialist work and the typical cost of refurbishing a wheel is £345 plus VAT and freight. So maintaining your wheels is essential.
See the maintenance tips from MWS
The Dunlop composite wheels have a distinctive cast alloy centre fitted to a chromed steel rim and remained unchanged throughout production of the MGBGTV8 model at the MG Plant at Abingdon. They were a compromise between a steel
and alloy wheel, providing a more robust rim than alloy but with a slight weight penalty. Great care is needed to avoid serious rust setting in on the rims, so regular cleaning and maintenance is vital. Refurbishment is possible by a very few specialists, but is expensive. Occasionally a set of these wheels comes up for sale on the V8 website. V8 spares for sale
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