Fitted luggage for MGV8s

A company has developed a range of luggage to cope with the restricted space in many classic cars, including the MGB Roadster. MGBGTV8 and MG RV8.

What colours do Hillsalive have for their fitted luggage?

Hillsalive company director Rob Hill is a lifelong enthusiast for all things automotive and, in particular, classic sports cars and has applied his problem-solving expertise to make life with a sports car more enjoyable. In particular they have developed a range of Hillsalive fitted luggage to maximise use of the limited space available in many sports cars. The company is based in Warwickshire.

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Peter Wallis reports "a while ago I mention a company called Hillsalive was making a set of 'soft' fitted luggage for a friend's classic car. This is just to advise that it has been delivered and he is delighted with the result . I notice from the Hillsalive website that both the MGRV8 and MGB are listed so perhaps in time for Christmas!"

Both cases are fully stiffened of course to ensure that they will always fit the space. No more stuffing your clothes into soft bags then cramming the bags into the car because as Hillsalive say:

If it fits into the bags
it fits into the car
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Peter Wallis posted a note saying "a friend, who happens to be into Ferraris, has just ordered several sets of bespoke luggage from Hillsalive at . On looking at the website I happen to notice that they also have pattern luggage for the RV8 - not cheap at £315 but worth a look see! Peter my friend has found them to be very helpful and they have a range of colours for the luggage just click onto the website and go from there." 060711

Ken Clayton responded saying "I purchased the luggage designed for the MG RV8 by "Hillsalive"
at the Stoneleigh Park show about two years ago! Hillsalive is a husband and wife partnership and their quality is very good. It fits neatly and very well into the boot compartment. One 'large wedge' shaped "box" and one 'large deep' "box" which fits into the offside area of the boot. There is also plenty of room either side of the luggage to accommodate other articles and smaller luggage items. They offer a bespoke service with choice of luggage colour and piping. Expensive, BUT . . . it saves the arguments about how much two people can carry in the boot for a weekend!!" 070711
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