What are the key issues to consider when deciding whether to fit 175 or 185 tyres on an MGBGTV8?

Simon Pickford posted a note on the V8 Bulletin Board saying "I need to fit some new tyres shortly and had a look around at what people were fitting at Silverstone. Currently have 185s but am considering going back to 175s. Are there any strong views on what is best?"
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Posted: 180711

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There are at least four sets of issues you will need to review in assessing your tyre choice: a number of objective issues on tyre size, aspect ratio and gearing, the subjective issue of the car's appearance with a lower diameter tyre and ride height, the available information on tyre grip, handling and wear performance and the natural concerns over the price and availability of the tyres you might wish to choose. See a note on these issues. More
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