Take care when buying copies of this book on Amazon - How to give your MGB V8 power

Chris Yates spotted this book was for sale at £19.79 with free delivery in the UK . As the book weighs in at around 900g you also save £2.30 on second class Royal Mail rates plus packaging, so the book is almost half price. The webpage carried a photo of the cover of the recent third edition so the offer seemed to be for copies of the new edition and not the earlier edition. (6.2.08) More

Victor Smith responded saying "I have checked that Amazon webpage and I have to say it is not clear which edition they are selling. Whilst the image and price are for the new third edition the links take you to a series of webpages which are for the first edition. So it is difficult to know what you would get if you made a purchase. If the offer is for new copies of the third edition then at £19.79 (30% saving plus free P&P) it is clearly very good value. But I am left uncertain". (6.2.08)

Chris Yates later spotted there were quite a few more companies, retailer and individuals in the UK and USA selling this book. (6.2.08) More

Chris Yates later emailed to say "There is a small snag with the Amazon Listing. Although the illustration and details refer to the latest edition, the individual sellers have not differentiated this edition from the ones they are actually selling! Some are unaware that there is a new edition. In my case I received the 1999 edition! The seller, Hay on Wye Booksellers, was very apologetic as he was unaware that there was a more recent edition. He has promised either a complete refund including P&P in both directions, or the latest edition as ordered. I am making the obvious points to Amazon, as the listing is clearly misleading". (8.2.08)

So potential buyers would be well advised to check with the seller exactly which edition is offered for sale and will be delivered before placing an order.

How to give your MGB V8 power
By Roger Williams
Veloce Publishing 01305 260068
£29.99 UK US$59.95 USA pages 221
ISBN 1-904788-93-9 softback

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