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As an MG Car Club member, how do I secure the reduced member rate?
To qualify for a set of V8 Workshop Notes at the reduced member rate we need your details including your current MG Car Club membership number. If you are not a current member of the MG Car Club do not use this form.

What are sets of workshop notes?
Sets of workshop notes include all the volumes in the series including the current volume where additional notes are added as they are contributed by fellow members. The full set also includes a Contents listing for the whole series and a detailed Index which enables you to search for topics to suit any queries you have.

How to send in the information on the form
Simply fill in the form online and then click the SEND button at the foot of this form. Your data will be sent automatically to the V8 Webmaster who will check your information. You will be passed automatically to a webpage where you can buy a set of notes at the reduced member rate.

Please note if you buy at the reduced member rate and you are not a current MG Car Club member and a refund is necessary we will deduct transaction and other costs.
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