Cooling fans upgrade from Revotec
One of the topics most often discussed by MGV8 enthusiasts over the years is overheating and cooling. In fact there are some fifty V8 Workshop Notes on that topic and associated cooling hose and related matters. When a cooling airstream is not surging through the radiator matrix then cooling has to be assisted with cooling fans. The original fans are by modern standards basic and of limited effect as the spillage over the ends of the blades is considerable. But the good news is a twin fan kit is available as a cooling upgrade which has been custom engineered to fit and cool your MGBV8.

Revotec has developed a range of tailor made cooling upgrade kits for a range of classic cars including the MGB, MGC, MGBV8 and MGA not mention TRs, Healeys and other classics. Their kits are created for each car and particularly so for the MGBV8 where the cooling requirement with the three and a half litre engine packed into a tight engine bay is heavy in slow moving traffic and high ambient temperatures.
The kits comprise a pair of high output OEM quality low-noise fans with high quality bearings (rated for continuous running and waterproofed to IP68) and a variable temperature electronic fan controller which is adjustable from 70°C -120°C. The fans are mounted on a set of laser-cut brackets specifically designed for each car model, bright passivated to prevent corrosion, which allow the fans to be mounted very close to the radiator matrix using the original radiator mounting bolts. The fans are balanced and have a low profile

plus a finger guard as a welcome safety feature. They also have a cylindrical edge casing which resists air spilling over the fan blade tips thereby improving the efficiency of the fan in shifting an airstream through the radiator matrix. The kits come with all necessary wiring, all necessary cooling hose clips and fittings together with full installation instructions to enable an enthusiast with basic hand tools to make a professional upgrade.

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