V8 Annual General Meeting 2020
With the the Covid-19 social movement restrictions resulting in MGLive! not being held as planned at Silverstone over the weekend of Friday 12th to Sunday 14th June 2020, our holding the V8 AGM 2020 there at noon on the Sunday has not been possible. An alternative online V8 AGM will be held instead, although not a live Zoom type of meeting, with the agenda released in the formal notice on the V8 Website together with various reports, including the V8 Register's accounts for 2019 with the V8 Treasurer's report, and the nominations of Members wishing to stand for election to the V8 Committee.

Formal notice of the V8 AGM 2020

An online response form is available to Members of the V8 Register so they can raise any matters arising or other issues ahead of the meeting. The form will be available until Saturday 11th July 2020. Online form

An online voting form will be released on the V8 Website on Sunday 12th July 2020 so Members of the V8 Register will have 3 weeks during which they can vote on the nominations and other items on the agenda (for example the approval of the annual accounts for the V8 Register to 31st December 2019). Online form TBR

The online V8 AGM will be at noon on Sunday 2nd August 2020 following which the minutes will be prepared a released.

Report for the online V8 AGM 2020 from the V8 Register Facebook Group Admin

Our V8 Register Facebook group currently has 126 members and this number continues to grow steadily. We have both UK & international members and also get a high application rate from non-register members, who's entry to the group we politely decline. V8BB access is only available to current Members (current Member of the MG Car Club who has also registered an MGV8 with the V8 Register) as a Club membership benefit.

As with other Facebook groups there is generally a more relaxed feel to the conversations and post submitted within the group. Most posts are MG V8 orientated, but any general interest posts are welcome, providing they meet the criteria of common decency, along the lines of what would be acceptable and inoffensive to V8 Register members.

Recent posts on the group have included regular detailed updates from Roger Powell on the progress of his rebuild of his MGBGTV8 #2831. David Smith has also started the strip-down of his V8, which he is documenting online. Other posts include vinyl roof refurbishment, fuel hose replacement, powder coated V8 wheels, block hugger exhaust manifolds, not to mention various pictures of members cars out and about.

As with any online group, our group is only as good as the content provided by its members! I would, therefore, encourage all V8 Register members to join our Facebook group to enjoy the content and actively post articles for the benefit and interest of all.

Julian Holmes
28th June 2020


Julian Holmes, a longstanding V8 Register member, is currently based in Oman and is pleased to continue to have the Admin role to maintain continuing contact with both V8 Register Members and his fellow V8 Committee members.

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